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Tidenes mest sitatvennlige intervju?

Plutselig steg Sinead Marie Bernadette O'Connor mangfoldige mil i mine øyne. Det er jammen meg lenge siden jeg tenkte på henne, gitt. Det var et passe forvirret intervju med henne i MOJO for noen år siden. Nå er hun her igjen, med et helt fantastisk sitatvennlig intervju i UNCUT. O lykke!

Om Roger Waters (hun sang med på "The Wall Live" i 1991):

"I cannot bear Roger Waters and I'll tell you why. Hundreds of thousands of people spent a week's wages, if not nearly a month's, for what's billed a live show. The day before, they rehearsed all the lights and the explosions and pyrotechnics and all the wankdom you wouldn't need if you had confidence in the music. They tell us tat they are recording the soundcheck, ust so they can practise again later with the lights. So, the next day, I go on stage to sing live - an this happened to a number of artists - and my mic is not working. And on comes a playback of yesterday's recording. So I'm forced to stand there and mime. I don't like lying to an audience so, as soon as I go offstage, I saw Roger and chased the cunt to beat the shit out of him. He was quite agile, as I remember.".

Om sexskandalen i den katolske kirken (hun var en av de første til å si høyt i fra, da hun rev i stykker et bilde av Paven på tv-programmet Saturday Night Live i 1992), Bono og å bli lyst i bann av Paven:

"For the representatives of Jesus Christ to stand up and say lies in the presence of the Holy Spirit, lies about the rape of small boys and girls, is a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which is unforgiveable. I get sick of all these rock stars - like Bono - thanking God for their Grammys, but when there's a pitched battle for the honour of God, there's tumbleweed. Apparently, I've been excommunicated by the Catholic Church, but the only place you find this is in L'Osservatore Romano, their newspaper which no other fucker reads. I want my excommunication in the form of a certificate! I've been tweeting Pope Benedict about this. Give me something to show my grandkids!"

Om at hun skal ha datet Anthony Kiedis fra Red Hot Chili Peppers:

"One day, Jake, my son, who was then about three, was very ill, and Anthony gave us a lift to the hospital. Which was very kind of him. Then, inside the hospital, Anthony made a bit of a pass at me. I thought it a bit inappropiate to grope me given that I was distressed and upset about my son, and I did lose my fucking head at him. And, as for his claims that he kissed me, it must have been some other bald bitch, 'cos it certainly wasn't me. I'd have to wash my mouth out A LOT if I did anytthing like that, for fuck's sake!"

Om Prince:

"I'm not going into it, but we detest each other, even more than me and Roger Waters. It gt violent too, which is why I can't go into it, but it is a very funny story. I'll tell it when I'm an old lady and I write my book."

Om Willie Nelson og hva som skjedde backstage rett etter skandalen på Bob Dylan-jubileumskonserten i 1992, hvor Kris Kristofferson måtte følge henne av scenen:

"Half the audience were cheering, half were booing, which is a strange sound. I'm highly affected by sound, and it was making me want to vomit. So, when Kris helped me offstage, I was trying to suppress the urg to vomit over him... a bit of a headfuck. And I still remember dear old Booker T - who's now a great friend - on the piano, getting ready to play the Dylan song. But my version involved whispering it, and the noise was just too loud. So I just shouted the lyrics to Bob Marley's "War" instead. Willie Nelson was waiting backstage. He's a very funny character, who'd previously trained me how to transport weed across county lines! He'd also asked me to record a version of Peter Gabriel's "Don't give up" the next day. So when Kris led me offstage, Willie came up and whispered "You're still coming in the studio tomorrow, right?". Haha! And we went off and had a spliff."

Go Sinead! Se hele videoen fra konserten hennes her:

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